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Exploring the Fifth Dimension

18 - 20 January, 2018


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Imagine a world where you one fine day, sitting on a sofa, sweeping through various TV channels stumble upon the Great Michael Jackson show, the great chef, who teaches the aspiring cooks, how to be great like him, or imagine to book a VVIP seat to Lata Mangeshkarji's show only to see her wearing shiny jogger pants, a sweat shirt and a pair of tacky goggles, moonwalking her way till the end of the stage. Or imagine if the world you are living in is not the only world which people live in or that there exists a mirror world in which you are not you and somebody else is you! Or imagine! A world where all of your imaginations come true.

St. Xavier's College brings you a chance to experience something beyond this world, beyond the physical space and time, surpassing the very dimension itself. Come and be a part of this 'spatial' event, Zest 2018, embracing the theme Exploring the Fifth dimension where creativity breaks the exosphere and your chaos skyrockets only to explode into vivacious frums of bliss.



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Rules & Regulations

By participating in ZEST, the participants agree to be bound by the following official rules and by the decision of the Students’ Council of St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur.

  • 01An amount of Rs.200 per person shall be charged for Registration Phase I which lasts till 6th JANUARY, 2018 (Midnight).
  • 02An amount of Rs.200 per person (Phase I) ensures participation in as many individual events of ZEST 2018 as the participant wishes to get registered for.
  • 03Walk in registrations open at St. Xavier's College, Jaipur between 11:30 am to 2:30 pm.
  • 04Accommodation of participants registering in phase I for out-station participants for three days would be 1100 {EXCLUDING 200 CAUTION MONEY fees which would be refunded}.
  • 05Every participant must carry his/her college ID/bonafide and printed registration receipt, in absence of which entry shall not be permitted.
  • 06Judges’ scoring shall stand as the final result in all competitions. The decision of the students' council shall be binding in case of any further issues.
  • 07Any team/ participant caught using unfair means shall be immediately disqualified.
  • 08Any gesture / speech / idea that can be perceived as being offensive to any gender, sexual orientation, nation or religious sentiments will lead to immediate disqualification.
  • 09Any misbehavior on part of the participants will lead to potential expulsion.
  • 10Kindly contact specific event coordinators for queries relating to number of participants, multiple entries, use of props, event fee etc.
  • 11Kindly bear in mind that all venues are subject to change.

Carrying the following items inside college campus is strictly prohibited & will lead to immediate expulsion & potential legal action:

  • Sharp objects, inflammable objects, and/or any other object that is potentially dangerous.
  • Beverages with alcoholic content.
  • Narcotics, drugs, cigarettes or addictives of any sort.
  • Profanity / Obscenity in any form will lead to immediate disqualification & possible expulsion.
  • Participants must report 1 hour before the events begin, and 2 hours before the flagship events begin.
  • On the spot registrations for all the events will close an hour prior to the beginning of the event.
  • Kindly check the schedule before registration so that none of your selected events clash. ZEST'18 committee is not responsible for any event clashes
ZEST'18 Registrations


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Download the PDF File for Zest'18 Schedule. Please note that it is a tentative schedule and it may be subject to change.

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Zest'18 Rulebook

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St. Xavier's College
Hathroi Fort Road, Gopalbari
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India - 302001

Coordinator (Registrations): Dushyant Gandotra (+91.9649424860)
Manager (Registrations): Kumarshri Papriwal (+91. 7891111931)


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